green juice

Spring Cleanse Update

Our Spring detox has been going great so far! We are both feeling really energized, healthy and full of vitality. I haven't got bored with what we've been eating and it's a lazy Saturday morning and I'm not even feeling like a coffee! I'm actually having an all juice day today....

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p uktasana

Apana and Agni

Yogic physiology adds an extra dimension of core function. Exploring the concepts of Agni (fire), Apana (dross), provide a different perspective on how our bodies function and how we can enhance this function through yoga. You may have heard asana referred to as 'cleansing' or 'detoxifying' and many of them...

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rainbow bridge


We feel a happy physical glow after a good yoga class, but this practice also helps us find lasting peace and contentment. Providing us with strategies to deal with stress in our everyday lives, and ultimately a sense of unity with all that is. Nayaswami Gyandev McCord, Ph.D describes this process...

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gad zee sculpture

Aparigraha and Generosity

This weeks theme is generosity, which is an expression of Aparigraha- the yama of 'non grasping'. Aparigraha is a tricky one, most of us like stuff and live in a culture that bombards us with advertisements of cool, new stuff. When I was doing my yoga teacher training I vowed...

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Insights from Sarah Power's Workshop

I eased into this new year with a fantastic Sarah Powers Yin yoga workshop, I loved being guided through the physical aspects of the Yin practice (as it's a style I usually practice alone) but I found the graceful way she weaved Buddhist and Daoist philosophy and Chinese Medicine into...

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