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Asana Origins

‘We can open up to our inner life through the asanas if we are receptive to their hidden meaning and to our own hidden depths...your observations, your mind, your relationship with the world. And it expands into the universal, to the mythologies of our cultures, and to the interconnection among...

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Bali Spirit Festival

The way into the Bali Spirit festival is lined with colourful flags and a beautiful Ganesh statue decorated with flowers greets you at the entrance (along with a smiling volunteer to check your wrist band). It's a lovely welcome and I'm very excited to be here, my first session is...

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computer stress

Intentionality and the Internet

*By Rane Bowen* * computer stress * I’m a computer nerd.  I’ve been in love with computers since I was a kid and went halves with my sister when we bought a 48k ZX Spectrum.  Unfortunately for her, she never got to use it (because I was a selfish computer nerd big...

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About Antigravity Aerial Yoga

jo studio My Personal Experience I’ll never grow tired of practicing on the mat, but when I first tried Antigravity Aerial yoga it took everything I love about yoga to a whole new level. And it was so much fun! I love to flow between postures, and in the hammock this was...

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A Short Mindful Walk

A nice strategy for some calm and clearing the mind is a short mindful walk.  Weather permitting, go outside for a few minutes, leaving your mobile behind, and begin to take in the environment of the world around you. Perhaps begin to breath in deeply, in through your nose and out...

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