Our Experiences at the Gawler Retreat

R gawler2 ane and have just returned from an amazing and transformative week at the Gawler Foundation, we both had a powerful, transformative experience, that I wantto share, in the hope that it helps others. The foundation runs retreats for cancer and MS but also general meditation and wellbeing retreats,...

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How do I live, teach and practice my yoga?

I was recently selected by the Yoga Lunchbox as one of their Best Up-and-Coming Yoga Teachers of Australia and New Zealand. Wow! What an honour!! You can read the article they published here As part of the process they asked a few key questions, some of my answers appeared in the article, and...

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The Community Speaks: What’s The Greatest Challenge Facing The Yoga Community Right Now?

I'm honored to be a part of The Yoga Lunchbox's Influencer Roundup, The Community Speaks. Here's my response to their first question... We want to generate more meaningful and constructive dialogue in the yoga community, especially around the hard questions we face, and to create a space for the community to share their...

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Hybrid Yoga Styles: Do they Enrich Yoga or Dilute It?

This article was originally published here fusion yoga image 2 Is this still yoga? Jo Stewart ponders the complexity and rewards of hybrid yoga styles. by Jo Stewart, Garden of Yoga[] A quick google search will turn up all kinds of yoga hybrids—think Bungee Yoga, Antigravity Aerial Yoga, HIIT Yoga, Beer Yoga, Vinyasa +...

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Self Care for Hula Hoopers

Hooping is fantastic for our minds and bodies!  Hooping on the body tones our core and back muscles, dancing with our hoops helps our cardiovascular health and off body hooping builds tones our arms and shoulders.  Hooping enhances neuroplasticity, the brains ability to rewire itself. As we learn new movements we create...

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