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Yoga for Cancer

I recently did a yoga practice with a good friend who is dealing with cancer. She naturally embodies many elements of yogic philosophy and i’m looking forward to helping her interweave this philosophy with the physical asana practice to help make her everyday life a little more comfortable and teach...

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Yoga for Stress Relief

‘Yoga can teach you to love yourself from the inside out; that reminds you each time you step onto the yoga mat that you are already perfect exactly the way you are. We want you to take the lessons you learn on the mat and use them in other aspects...

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For many of us (including me), our shoulders are where we store our tension. Some of this is ergonomic- being at a computer all day puts us in a posture where it is very easy to hunch our shoulders and scrunch up the backs of our necks. Of course it...

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Spring Cleanse and Detox Yoga

Spring is a season of rejuvenation, flowers blossom, the sun shines, the days get longer and warmer, many of us feel like we have more energy and enthusiasm for life- we ‘Spring clean’ our houses- and a yoga retreat can be a time to ‘Spring clean’ or minds and bodies. During...

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Spring Cleansing Diet

Spring is a great time to move on from the stodgy comfort food we tend to eat more of in Winter and embrace juices, smoothies and salads- all the foods that make us feel vibrant energized and alive as the weather starts getting warmer. Rane and  I are ditching coffee, alcohol,...

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