Spring Cleansing Diet

Spring is a great time to move on from the stodgy comfort food we tend to eat more of in Winter and embrace juices, smoothies and salads- all the foods that make us feel vibrant energized and alive as the weather starts getting warmer.

Rane and  I are ditching coffee, alcohol, sugar, processed and junk food for at least the next three weeks. Instead we’ll be drinking lots of water, fresh squeezed fruit and vegie juices, green smoothies, raw salads, minimal wheat (we’ll still have mountain bread wraps), stir fries and healthy sources of protein like nuts, seeds, spelt, beans, lentils and tofu. I’ll be posting lots of the recipes that we eat, and also how we organize ourselves to make our detox as fun and easy as possible...

I'll be dry-body brushing every day, making time to meditate every day, clearing out and decluttering our house and also making sure I schedule time for at least one massage and lots of hanging out upside down in my Antigravity hammock!

It is often recommended that you ease into your detox, by eating healthily for the week before, we also find that we are pretty tired on the first few days of no coffee, so we give that up on a weekend. I've been vegan for about 14 years so obviously that is also part of how I eat on a detox, but everyone is different, and if you are used to eating a lot of meat and dairy you might want to taper of slowly to give your body time to adjust. It's also a great idea to talk to a naturopath- they can help tailor an eating plan for you and give you some helpful herbs.

Here are a couple of easy and delcious recipes to get you started:

Green Ginger Lemonade (Thanks to Kelly Kitchen dispensary)
(My all time favourite go to juice)
Lemon (including the skin)
Ginger (lots)
Plus whatever combo of leafy greens you like: parsley, spinach, lettuce, silverbeet, kale etc
Maybe some carrot and/or cucumber
If you want an extra kick add some chilli peppers!

Watermelon & Mint Drink (also Kelly's creation and her photograph above)


Fresh Mint

If you are using a seedless watermelon simply chop up the fruit and blend until smooth. If you’re using a seeded watermelon, remove the seeds then blend. Add some mint and pulse until the mint is finely chopped.

To spritz things up a bit add a little sparkling mineral water.

Lots of my recipes from Vegan Recipe index are also detox suitable and i'll be adding new favourites as I go!

Happy healthy eating yogis!