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With Jo Stewart

This is a fun, friendly class, started by a group of teachers who wanted a yoga class before the school day began, it’s open to outside students too (perfect if you work in the city).

Jo Stewart teaches a fun, flowing and energizing style of hatha yoga, moving through sequences of postures in time with the breath (vinyasas). Classes are suitable for all levels of experience and can enhance strength, flexibility and peace of mind.

Yoga offers us this amazing power to shift our perspective- on our bodies, our minds, the universe and our place in it. As we literally change the way that we view the world, by flipping upside down, bending backwards or twisting around we explore new ways of being, seeing, thinking and feeling.The physical benefits of the practice are vast- we feel longer, stand taller and breathe deeper our internal organs get a nice massage too. The philosophy that underpins the physical aspects of the practice, helps us to live happier, simpler more harmonious lives.

Yoga is adaptable for all bodies and all levels of fitness- just let Jo know of any injuries, special conditions and pregnancy before the class begins.

No classes on school holidays. 

Casual attendees welcome ($15 per class), contact Jo before your first class for details on how to find the room.


 University High School
77 Story Street
Parkville VIC