Saturday, 29 June 2019

Aerial Yoga: Advance your Practice

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Expand your aerial yoga horizons and climb to new heights!

This workshop is for experienced aerial yoga practitioners who are ready for some new challenges.

Julia and Jo have been hard at work and having lots of fun exploring some creative sequences and intricate aerial yoga postures and we are really looking forward to sharing them with you all!

We both feel strongly that an advanced practice is about refining awareness rather than tricks and flips - that said, many people have been asking for some new challenges and there are some amazing aerial yoga possibilities that just aren’t suitable for an hour class where some people are still getting comfortable in the aerial hammock.

We have created this longer workshop, with both us here to help and we are really excited to share fabulous new aerial yoga flowing sequences with you!

We recommend a minimum of at least 10 aerial yoga sessions here - and some of these moves involve climbing up high in the fabric and require some upper body and grip strength.

We will have options available for different levels of strength and conditioning but please be aware you will need to be comfortable climbing up to moves like ‘cowboy’ and ‘vitruvian’ to progress into some of our workshop sequences from there.

We will have some floor based upper body conditioning sequences for people still building their strength and in a workshop like this there is a fun community vibe - it’s all about taking some time to delve deeper into the practice (and having some laughs along the way) and space to learn and grow!

About Jo Stewart

Jo's creative approach adapts to each practitioners individual needs, with a focus on body positivity, self compassion and inclusivity. She is excited to share the whole spectrum of yogic experience with her students - from high flying fun in the aerial hammock, to calm meditation in the quiet of a yin style practice.

Read more about Jo here

About Julia Graziani

Yoga teacher, bodyworker, personal trainer, pilates and dance teacher - Julia has an absolute passion and fascination for the human body in every aspect!

Read more about Julia here

Workshop Details

Saturday, 29 June 2019

2:00p.m. - 4:30p.m.

with Jo Stewart, Julia Graziani

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