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Nurturing Yoga and Pilates

This class is now taught online via zoom.

You just need a laptop or phone and some space to practice. You'll be able to see the teacher leading the class, who will also be able to see you and interact to offer variations or answer any questions. If you are new to using zoom it's very simple - you might like to check out How to use Zoom for our Live online Yoga classes blog post.

Nurturing Yoga and Pilates is a combination of Pilates movements and props like the foam roller, theraband and stability ball with a Yogic sensibility and a focus on breath and sensory awareness. Each session concludes with a meditation/guided relaxation. This class is all about tuning in to your individual needs and working towards balance.

If you don't have many pilates props at home don't worry!

You can improvise with a some pillows, rolled up blanket, two tennis balls in a sock, and a scarf or pair of tights.


Enhanced core strength and pelvic floor awareness - Pilates props like the foam roller and stability ball are great for building strength in a supported way. This supports better balance, posture and confidence in a wide range of movements.

Everyone is able to work at their own level - since most of these movements are floor based or supported with props this is a great class for everyone to feel comfortable in. Jo has done specific training in Accessible Yoga for larger bodies (Fat Yoga with Sarah Harry), Pilates for Active Aging, Pre and Post Natal Pilates and years of experience supporting students with MS, and rehabilitating different injuries.

This is a great Pre or Post Natal class, as well as the core strength and stability benefits, the focus on nurturing and self care is very beneficial and important before and after giving birth! Always get a doctor's ok to return to exercise, but there will be lots of great practice options here for you when you are ready.

This is also a great active rest practice for athletes or anyone with specific training goals - this is a great chance to nurture your body and balance out the rest of your movement repertoire.

What to Wear?

Just wear whatever you are comfortable in - clothes that are easy to move and relax in.


This practice is very gentle and adaptable. There are no specific contraindications, but if you have any injuries or health conditions be sure to mention them when you fill out your New Client Form and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.


Do I need any prior yoga or pilates experience?

Not at all! This practice is suitable for all levels and a great place to start.

I'm quite experienced - will there still be options to challenge me?

Yes! The beauty of the pilates props is how adaptable they are - even if have a very established movement practice I will be able to give you challenging variations.

I'm injured - is it ok to practice?

As long as you have your doctor’s approval and are able to listen to your body and ask for advice as as necessary this is a great class to work with any injuries. I can help support you through your rehabilitation and am happy to liaise with your physiotherapist as necessary.

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