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Yin Yoga

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In a Yin practice, we hold passive postures for several minutes to nurture our connective tissues and allow for meditation and contemplation. In this practice we often incorporate self massage with a ball or foam roller to release tension held in the body and enhance our understanding of our structures.


The longer holds and passive shapes in Yin allow us to work with the connective tissues of the body (rather than just our muscles). This can allow a deep feeling of release.

We learn a lot about ourselves in Yin - from the unique structure of our bodies, to the way our minds respond to the challenge of holding a particular shape, to the moments of insight that come out of deep contemplation.

This is a great practice to do if you are feeling exhausted or depleted. The forms are very passive which allows us focused time to rest and restore.

We can often get to a state of meditation more easily than in a seated practice. Even though we stay pretty still in Yin, there is always so much to observe as the sensations in our bodies evolve it can be easier to stay present.

Yin encourages us to activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System - if you have a busy or stressful everyday life this can be a great practice to bring the mind and body back to balance.

Many people say they have a great nights sleep after Yin and feel very rejuvenated the following day.

What to wear?

Just wear whatever you are comfortable in - clothes that are easy to move and relax in.


This practice is very gentle and adaptable. There are no specific contraindications, but if you have any injuries or health conditions be sure to mention them when you fill out your New Client Form and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. If you are hyper flexible or working with a particular injury/area of instability we can adapt your practice accordingly.


Do I need any prior yoga experience?

Not at all! This practice is suitable for all levels and a great place to start.

I'm quite experienced - will there still be options to challenge me?

Yes! The beauty of yoga is how adaptable it is - even if you have a very established movement practice we will be able to give you challenging variations.

It should be noted that our Gentle Yoga class is very slow and gentle - sometimes the challenge can be in just being still!

The Strong Vinyasa Flow class is different every week - there will always be something new to challenge you. It’s also a great class to work on specific strength goals.

I'm injured - is it ok to practice?

As long as you have your doctor’s approval and are able to listen to your body and ask for advice as as necessary.

Strong Vinyasa Flow probably isn’t the best class if you are working with an injury - Gentle Yoga or Nurturing Yoga and Pilates would be more suitable practice (and always get your doctor’s ok before returning to yoga).

Please let us know if you are working with any injuries or illnesses - either by filling out our new client form, or by telling the teacher before the start of the class.

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