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We are all passionate about sharing yoga, meditation and movement in a way that is inclusive, inspiring and accessible - we are all unique in our approach, but have a shared love of these practices.

Jo Stewart

Jo Stewart

Aerial Yoga | Yin Yoga | Studio Pilates

Jo's creative approach adapts to each practitioners individual needs, with a focus on body positivity, self compassion and inclusivity. She is excited to share the whole spectrum of yogic experience with her students - from high flying fun in the aerial hammock, to calm meditation in the quiet of a yin style practice.

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Rane Bowen

Rane Bowen

Yang Yoga | Gentle Yoga | Meditation

Rane is a long time student of yoga and meditation. He has an insatiable curiosity about these practices, how they can help people in their daily lives and in overcoming adversity.

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Julia Graziani

Julia Graziani

Aerial Yoga | Functional Movement | Dance

Yoga teacher, bodyworker, personal trainer, pilates and dance teacher - Julia has an absolute passion and fascination for the human body in every aspect!

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Cuteness | Fluff

Full time yoga cat and star of our social media. Nagano has grown up around yoga and meditation and loves joining Jo and Rane as they practice (and chewing on the odd yoga block). He doesn't teach any classes, but he may greet you in the garden and show you his fluffy belly.

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